Thoughts on the eve of the torch relay in Tibet

June 24th, 2008

I tried to post this last Friday but had some trouble with my computer.

The torch relay in Tibet was not just a farce but a complete shame on the Chinese leadership, the IOC and everyone in the Olympic movement who allowed it to happen. During the official ceremony outside of the Potala palace the head of the Communist Party in Tibet vowed to “totally smash the splittist schemes of the Dalai Lama clique.”

Until now I have avoided any comparisons to the Nazi Olympics in ‘36 but what happened in Lhasa was the same type of staged propaganda and an abuse of the Olympics of the worst kind.

Check out the coverage:

New York Times: Olympic Torch’s Tibet Visit Short and Political

Los Angeles Times: China parades Olympic torch in heavily guarded capital of Tibet

ABC News (Australia): Tensions simmering with Olympic torch in Tibet (includes video)

Globe and Mail (Canada): “Get on the Bus” (a blog entry about being on the official media tour)

Globe and Mail: Lhasa’s Monks all but vanish in Chinese crackdown

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  • Dalai click says:

    Dalai click velly velly smart, try to split motherland. Tibetan forget when Nepal become country gorkha attack Tibet and Chinese lives lost defending Tibetan freedom! Tibet is treasurehouse of China.

  • zedar says:

    Dear Lhadon,
    I hv faith in what you’re doing and you will always have my support even if the whole world forsakes the Tibetan cause. You have the right to speak up for your ancestral land and for the Tibetans in Tibet.


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