Just Imagine What They Do Inside Tibet

August 8th, 2008 § 0

Via F.X. Leach at Tibet Will Be Free, the Washington Post has a chilling account of a Tibetan woman trying to return to China from the US with her two young children.

To prevent such protests inside their own borders, Chinese authorities recently threatened to take away one female activist’s two babies as she tried to enter the country. A Tibetan woman surnamed Kemo was returning to China on July 18 after nearly two years in the United States, where she had had two children. She was stopped by a passport control officer, escorted to an interrogation room and asked whether she had ever participated in political protests.

“Yes, but a long time ago,” Kemo said she replied, speaking on the condition that her first name not be used. Officers then showed her computer printouts of photos of her participating at various U.S. protests. “You are lying to us,” an officer told her.

Officers pried the children away from her, slapping her and one of her children when he clutched her purse strap to prevent her from being taken away, she said.

The officer then gave her a choice: accept deportation and buy plane tickets to take her children back to the United States or go to jail and lose her children. After she bought the tickets, police escorted her to the next flight to New York and returned her children on the jetway to the airplane.

This is what they do to someone in an airport, someone who’s live in the West and could return to New York and tell the press how she was abused and mistreated at the hands of Chinese security and how their abuse extended towards hitting her young children and threatening to kidnap them…just imagine what the Chinese government is doing to Tibetans inside of Tibet now.

And if you are shocked that China is spying on Tibetans at protests in the U.S., in New York City…just imagine the power of the Chinese surveillance state inside Tibet.

This happened on the eve of the Olympics. To say that change is the same as it ever was would be a horrible understatement. Their treatment of Tibetans is getting worse.

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