When a Chinese government agent comes to SFT HQ

August 20th, 2007 § 25

A Chinese government agent came to our office today. We’ve had a couple of visits like this before. They usually work for a Chinese media outlet based in Beijing or are researchers/academics. They ask a lot of questions and don’t take any notes. They are mostly pretty friendly and have a lot of time to talk and “exchange views.” One guy even brought us gifts.

Today I just couldn’t do it. I felt so outraged at the whole situation. I didn’t even realize I was having such a strong reaction until he was gone. He said he wanted to speak to the Director and when he saw me he said, “Oh, I’ve seen you online.” I bet. I said I was busy – I was – and that I would get in touch with him later. I walked him straight out that door and watched until he left the building.

[youtube OYhZJvKzC8s]

Many people from our side argue it’s important to talk to these guys and share information. But today I just couldn’t stand the thought of engaging with this person who was just there to collect information about us that he will send back to Beijing. All talk about the importance of “sharing views” seems so bogus to me right now. These people are not genuine in their engagement. They don’t want to talk with us in order to gain a better understanding of our views or to resolve the situation in Tibet so that 6 million Tibetans can live in peace. They want to learn as much as they can about us so that they can figure out how best to fight us and ultimately destroy our movement.

The strength of my reaction today surprised me. I think it’s because of the experience I just had in Beijing. I know some will disagree with me. But the truth is that we don’t have to be so accommodating toward our oppressor! Why should we feel so obligated to give the Chinese government the information they think they need to destroy us and obstruct our freedom struggle? Maybe some will understand me when I say that it felt good to send that guy away empty handed.

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